May 24, 2024

Raila Rewards Party Loyalists That’s Why They Never Ditch Him William Kabogo Claims 

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Raila Rewards Party Loyalists That’s Why They Never Ditch Him, Tujibebe party leader William Kabogo Claims 

William Kabogo, a Kiambu gubernatorial candidate and Tujibebe party chairman, has claimed that Azimio presidential candidate Raila rewards his party loyalists.

Kabogo’s declaration comes the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party’s nomination, which resulted in the resignation of political heavyweights.

Kabogo remarked on Twitter on Friday, April 15, that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader rewards people who show devotion to him. He believes that this is why, despite the political implications, the majority of them remain loyal to him.

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“Baba pays loyalists, and that’s why they stay with him no matter what,” stated Kabogo. 

Kabogo’s response was ignited by a post that showed that ODM had handed the direct nomination to Raila’s close allies. 

In apparent comparison to Deputy President William Ruto, he claimed that other political leaders must learn if they wish to have a long career in Kenyan politics.

Although some may object to direct ticketing as being undemocratic, Kabogo believes that it has proven to maintain loyalty among close political allies.

“Lesson for others, although one would argue that’s not democracy,” said Kabogo. 

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