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Raila-Ruto “handshake” inevitable-political analysts

Raila-Ruto “handshake” is inevitable according to political analysts with the President maintaining a hard-line position.

President William Ruto since taking over power has dismissed any possibility of a cooperation deal with the Azimio leader, Raila Odinga.

Likewise, the opposition has maintained they’re not after a handshake deal with Ruto whom they said they won’t recognize as the president of Kenya.

Counter-accusations from both camps have left the country in limbo on what to expect from both President Ruto and the Azimio leader.

On Monday, January 30, Governance and Political analysts while appearing on the NTV said that, regardless of the outcome, an agreement must be found, even if it only involves a Raila-Ruto handshake.

Herman Manyora stated that President Ruto must reach out to Odinga since he is leading the opposition forces in denouncing and proclaiming victory in the elections of August 9.

He argued that in order to avoid the legitimacy issues that his predecessor, former President Uhuru Kenyatta, had in the 2017 elections, Ruto had to reach out.

“Ruto should be the big brother and extend his hand to Raila in the interest of this country; because none of them will win if they don’t talk.

The Raila and Martha I am seeing you cannot manage them using state power,” he stated.

Lawyer and Governance expert Martin Oloo equally questioned the government’s legitimacy claiming that Ruto’s administration had lacked focus in engaging the opposition.

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“A problem that we have is that even those in government are showing that they are not with it; they are still focused on their opponents. We have a crisis of legitimacy,” he observed.

An observation that was agreed upon by Gitile Naituli;

“The Kenya Kwanza government is falling into Azimio’s trap by making it a shouting match,” he agreed.

However, despite calls for a compromise, the Kenya Kwanza government affirmed that any talks with Odinga should revolve around his retirement strategy from politics.

“Do not accept to have a handshake with him, but if you meet with him because he is a Kenyan citizen, you should have only one discussion, to discuss his exit from politics and permanent retirement from the politics of Kenya. That you have our support,”

Azimio, on the other hand, through Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni dismissed the possibility of a political truce between Ruto and Raila stating that the Azimio leader was in no need of a ‘handshake’ with the current administration, which he called “plan-less” illegitimate and clueless.

“I want people to understand that Baba does not want a handshake, he has no need of a handshake with people who do not have a plan. They are plan-less and without any sense of direction,” he castigated.

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