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Raila’s Bodyguard Roughed Up By Military At Nyayo Stadium

Raila’s Bodyguard Was Roughed Up By Military Officers During Kibaki’s State Funeral At Nyayo Stadium.

A member Raila Odinga’s security team was barred from using the VIP entrance at Nyayo Stadium during the State funeral service of former President Mwai Kibaki.

Raila disembarked from his vehicle accompanied by his wife Ida Odinga and members of his security detail.

However, a member of Raila’s entourage was halted as he was ushered in through the VIP entrance, which was heavily manned by the military and elite forces.

The man dressed in a black suit was engaged in a scuffle at Nyayo Stadium with the security detail guarding the VIP entrance.

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Raila proceeded through the entrance but the man in question was held back by the security men and taken away from the premises.

Reports indicated that Odinga’s bodyguards stopped outside the entrance, but only one attempted to enter the lounge.

It is claimed that the security officers, who blocked Raila’s bodyguard, are part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security detail.

When the President’s security team is present, especially in an enclosed environment, protocol demands that other VIPs’ security officers hand over their protection to the President’s officers.

Kennedy Kihara, the President’s Principal Administrative Secretary (PAS), previously stated that VIP security details will not be permitted entry because the area is guarded by the Presidential Escort.

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