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Raila’s political career is far from over, Former UDA vice chair

Former UDA vice chairman note that Raila has been able to transcend Kenya’s political landscape his political career is far from over.

According to former UDA vice chairman Kipruto Arap Kirwa, Raila Odinga’s political career has not yet come to an end adding that it is not yet time to write him off.  

According to him, a person’s political obituary should only be written after they are in the grave. 

“I would not want to write off Raila because I have always said that the day you write the obituary of a politician is when you are standing at his gravesite. That is the only day you can write one’s political obituary. But any other time, a politician can be resurrected,” Kirwa said. 

Kirwa spoke at an interview with KTN on Friday. 

He added that a politician’s dormant career could take a new turn and they might end up succeeding greatly. 

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Kirwa said that Raila had endured the political climate in Kenya for so long. 

Kirwa expressed confidence that Raila can follow in the footsteps of former Senegal President Abdoulaye Wade despite the fact that many have already written the ODM party leader off. 

Wade ran for the position of nation’s president for 35 years, but he continued to lose until he was 82 years old when he was eventually elected in 2000.

“Coincidentally Raila will be 82 in the next general election and may create a one-term president after many years of two-term or more years in Kenya,” he said. 

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