June 14, 2024

Raphael Tuju; Ruto approached Raila to sabotage Uhuru

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Raphael Tuju has claimed that the deputy president, William Ruto, approached the ODM leader to sabotage the Uhuru government.

On the same day that President Uhuru Kenyatta is meeting with the party’s MPs at State House, Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju stated that DP William Ruto is unqualified for leadership.

Tuju claimed Ruto’s character is unfit for a president and advised Kenyans not to risk the country’s future by voting for him in the August 9 general election.

“Character matters a lot, you must look at someone’s character,” Tuju said.

Tuju alleged the second in charge conspired to destabilize Uhuru’s government and render the country ungoverned.

He claimed that his second in command approached ODM leader Raila Odinga well before the 2018 handshake to join forces and block Uhuru’s agenda in Parliament in order to carry out his objectives.

“He was the first person to approach Raila so that they could blackmail the President,” Tuju said.

According to Tuju, the President got wind of the DP’s moves and averted the plans.

The Jubilee SG was speaking on Friday during a morning show on Inooro FM, a Kikuyu-language vernacular radio station.

Ruto, according to the SG, has been seeking to destabilize the ruling party since losing control of it.

He further claimed that Ruto is hell-bent on weakening the party so that Mt. Kenya has no say in the political debate.

According to Jubilee vice-chairman David Murathe, the DP was seeking to destabilize his administration.

According to Murathe, Ruto was handed half of the government, including some of the most influential ministries, because the president was unhappy with the way were operating.

However, Ruto’s spokesperson, Emmanuel Talam, questioned why all these claims were not made before the 2017 elections.

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