June 14, 2024

Roman Abramovich ‘begs his friends $1million loans to maintain his staff’ 

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Roman Abramovich is reportedly begging his rich friends including Hollywood director Brett Ratner for £765,000 ($980,000) loans to help him pay his staff.

This is after being sanctioned by London and Washington, US sources have claimed.

Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea Football Club owner was accused in Britain of being a close ally of Russian warmonger Putin.

He is apparently asking for huge loans to maintain his staff, who are rumoured to be costing him £600,000-a-week.

Page Six alleges that Rush Hour director Ratner is among those Abramovich has asked, as well as other contacts in Hollywood and Silicon Valley. 

The oligarch is also said to have approached the Rothschild family after his assets in Britain and the US were seized last month. 

However, no one is thought to have agreed to give him the money.

A source said: ‘Roman is asking some of his closest powerful friends to let him borrow $1million. He is saying he has never missed payroll for his staff, which is $750,000 a week, and with his assets frozen, he can’t pay his people.

‘He has reached out to Hollywood producer and director Brett Ratner and the Rothschild family, among many others, for money, but – while they are good friends with Roman – they have not agreed to give him money, because either they do not have that in liquid cash, or moreover, it is not clear what are the repercussions under international law.’

Last month, his private jet was grounded in America, and last week he was poisoned.

According to Forbes, the 55-year-old billionaire has lost an estimated $7.5 billion since Russia invaded Ukraine.

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