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Ruto advisor calls out Kenyans blaming the president for a tough economy

Ruto economic advisor condemns Kenyans wasting their money on spending while complaining about the tough economy.

The chairman of the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors, David Ndii has chastised Kenyans who have poor spending habits and hold the government responsible for the challenging economic conditions.

Taking to his X account on Thursday, the economist singled out Kenyans who purchase Ksh9,000 fish while ignoring cheap alternatives like Tilapia which only cost ksh799.

“My apologies to upper deck people that fresh Atlantic Salmon price is up 40%. Not only is Tilapia still affordable, but it also puts money in people’s pockets,” Ndii noted.

“My tweet is not addressed to the majority,” he added.

According to Ruto economic advisor, while tilapia fish was affordable it also lacked a carbon footprint.

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Ndii was responding to reports which depicted the ripple effects caused by the dropping value of the shilling, including hiked food prices and skyrocketing public debt.

David Ndii also dismissed reports by some media outlets suggesting that Kenya’s exports had significantly dropped amid the fluctuating currency. 

Ideally, a weak shilling ought to hint at an increase in exports since goods and services cost less in the international market.

The weakening shilling against the dollar backed by surging inflation rates has largely been blamed for the high cost of living which has inflicted more pain and suffering among Kenyans.

It recently crossed a staggering 160 unit points against the dollar, the lowest on record.

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