May 24, 2024

Ruto recalls France Ambassador in unclear circumstance

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Ruto recalls France Ambassador in unclear circumstance

President Ruto recalls France Ambassador, Judy Wakhungu in unclear circumstances after a trip to the European country

President Ruto recalls France Ambassador, Judy Wakhungu in unclear circumstances after a trip to the European country.

Ambassador Judi Wakhungu was recalled on Monday, June 26, after Ruto’s trip to France.

According to sources in the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, the decision to recall Wakhungu was arrived at after extensive discussions at the highest office.

However, the source did not to divulge details of the discussion or the reason why the former Cabinet Secretary for Tourism was recalled before the appointment of her replacement.

“Of course, the President was involved in the decision to recall the Ambassador to France but as you may be aware, most Kenyan Embassies will soon receive new Heads.

“This is a normal occurrence within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially when a new administration comes in to realign diplomatic relations,” the source stated.

Even though Wakhungu worked in the Uhuru Kenyatta administration, which ended in August 2022, she continued to hold the position.

Her recall came just four days after President William Ruto visited France where he was hosted by President Emmanuel Macron during a panel discussion in Paris.

The Kenyan Embassy in Paris, specifically Ambassador Wakhungu, was instrumental in organizing and overseeing the delegation’s management of the concerns brought up at the New Global Financial Pact.

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Korir Sing’oei, the principal secretary for foreign and diaspora affairs, reportedly confirmed the recall and said that some Kenyan diplomats will be returning to the country.

Wakungu was appointed as Ambassador to France by Retired President Uhuru Kenyatta on February 26, 2018, after serving as a Tourism Cabinet Secretary for five years.

The process of appointing Kenyan ambassadors begins with the nomination by the President after which the list of nominees is submitted to the Departmental Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations (DFDR) of the National Assembly.

The DFDR then invites the candidates for a vetting process of the nominees, which includes reviewing their qualifications, experience, and suitability for the positions.

DFDR Committee then forwards the names of the nominees for ratification or adoption by Members of Parliament. If the nominees are approved by the National Assembly, the President appoints them as ambassadors.

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