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Ruto responds to Raila over his criticism of many foreign trips, ‘I’m not a tourist’

President Ruto says he is not a tourist but a responsible leader traveling with a plan in response to Raila over his many foreign trips.

Speaking at a church service in Kiambu County’s Lari Constituency, Ruto stated he had been traveling around the world in search of partnerships and employment.

”You have heard that I have traveled to many countries of the world, I have been traveling with a plan as I am not a tourist,” Ruto said on Sunday.

”For this country to develop, there must be a plan and leadership. That is why, even as we talk today, our CS for Labour is in Saudi Arabia because we want to plan on how our youth will get jobs everywhere.”

The President said that while he is seeking to create jobs in the country through affordable housing, he is also looking for opportunities in foreign lands.

”I saw recently the leader of the opposition complaining that many youths are being sent abroad to work. Did he want them to remain here in Kenya, doing what?” Ruto posed.

“It is too early for him to start complaining. We will send thousands more.”

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Ruto stated that his administration will be depending on casual labourers working abroad to stabilize the depreciating Kenyan Shilling. 

He announced that he had reached an agreement with a host of foreign nations to export thousands of Kenyan casual labourers who would earn a minimum of Ksh150,000 per month. 

“Those going abroad will repatriate dollars so that the exchange rate can stop giving us problems,” Ruto remarked. 

Raila has recently criticized Ruto over his foreign trips, terming the head of state a globetrotting leader burning away taxpayers’ money at a time when the economy is weighed down.

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