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Ruto turned Nairobi River Commission into a joke after appointing Waititu; Ahmednasir

Lawyer Ahmednasir says President Ruto made a huge blunder in the formation of the Nairobi River Commission after appointing Ferdinand Waititu.

Ahmednasir Abdullahi contends that the Nairobi River Commission might now work in the long run despite being a key move made by President William Ruto.

In a statement on the X platform, Ahmednasir said though the President meant well for the commission, he made some glaring ‘blunders’ that might in the end cost him the objectives.

“What happened to the Nairobi River Commission? Creating the Nairobi River Commission was an environmental masterstroke by H.E William Ruto. It fits so well with his climate change crusade on the global stage,” Ahmednasir said.

According to the Senior Counsel, the President blundered by appointing former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu to the commission.

Waititu was impeached as governor rendering him unfit to hold public office.

“The potency of the commission was diluted in 2 ways. One, the appointment of ‘Baba Yao’ and Commissioners of his ilk was a poignant signal that the government probably wasn’t that serious after all,” he said.

At the same time, Ahmednasir opines that the President blundered in domiciling the commission at the office of the Deputy President.

He avers that the DP already has so much on his desk and will not be able to promptly handle the duties assigned to him regarding the commission.

Ahmednasir opines that the commission ought to be domiciled at the Environment Ministry.

” President Ruto should know what gets his deputy’s adrenaline going and what he can deliver with remarkable ease. Scaring Azimio, checkmating Hon Raila, grassroots mobilization in Central Kenya, chasing cartels from the coffee sector, etc. are some of his pet projects,” he stated.

“I don’t think Deputy President Gachagua has time to remove plastic bottles and polythene bags from the Nairobi River. President Ruto needs to urgently reboot the Nairobi River Commission! It’s a great idea… don’t kill it!”

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President William Ruto named Mr. Waititu to the commission on December 2, 2022, alongside chair Dr. Pamela A. Olet with other members being Mumo Musuva – Representative from Nairobi City County – Grace Senewa Mesopirr — Representing the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Other members include Eva Muhia – Representing Riverine Communities; Elizabeth Wathuti – Representing Civil Society; Carlota Dal Lago – Representing the Private Sector; Elijah Biama – Representing Academia; Duncan Ojwang – Representing Academia.

However, the High Court temporarily suspended the appointment of former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu Babayao to the Commission or any other public office.

Justice Hedwig Ong’udi issued the orders following a petition filed by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) challenging his appointment, arguing that Mr Waititu was impeached and therefore barred from holding any state office.

“Conservatory order is hereby issued staying the appointment of the 1st respondent as commissioner of the 4th respondent and or any appointment to any other state or public office, pending the hearing and determination of the petition,” the judge ruled.

The former governor was impeached in January 2020 and lost subsequent court battles to reverse the decision.

He is also currently facing graft charges related to abuse of office, conflict of interest, and dealing with suspect property.

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