April 13, 2024

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Sergio Aguero insists on going to the World Cup in Qatar as he eyes a role with the Argentina national team.

Sergio Aguero has revealed he could be set for a role with the Argentina national team ahead of the World Cup in Qatar this year. 

He revealed that he had “held talks” with boss Lionel Scaloni.

After being diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia while playing for Barcelona in December, the Manchester City star was forced to end his playing career.

During the first half of Barcelona’s 1-1 home draw with Alaves on October 30, the striker complained of chest pains and breathing problems.

However, City’s all-time leading scorer has claimed that he has conducted talks with Argentina manager Lionel Scaloni about a post-retirement position.

‘I’m going to the World Cup in Qatar. We are going to have a meeting this week,’ he told Radio10.

‘I want to be there. The idea is for me to be incorporated into the coaching staff, I spoke with [manager Lionel] Scaloni and [president Claudio] Tapia.’ 

In 2021, Aguero helped Argentina win the Copa America and would have expected a call-up from Scaloni to travel to Qatar.

However, it appears that he might still play a key role for his country, although from the bench rather than on the field.

Just weeks after sadly announcing his retirement, the Argentinian reportedly received four employment offers, including a global ambassadorial role with his former club City.

Aguero recently gave fans a terrifying insight into his condition and admitted he’s worried that his heart ‘doesn’t work properly.”

Speaking about his health on a Twitch stream, the 33-year-old said: ‘If I try to play football now, I run out of breath. 

‘Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to sprint again. I just feel like my heart doesn’t work properly.’  

He revealed earlier this month that he knew his heart problem was serious when he was ‘left in a small room alone with monitors’ while doctors ran tests on him in hospital last year.

‘The first 15 days I had a terrible time,’ Aguero said, also on Twitch.

‘When it happened, I thought it was nothing and that I was going to be fine, but when I arrived in the hospital and they left me in a small room alone with a lot of monitors around me.

‘I realized something was bad. And after two days hospitalized, I started to become nervous.’

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