April 13, 2024

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SIM Card Registration; How to Verify Your ID Number Has Not Been Illegally Used In Another Registration.

Kenyans have been queuing and hurrying to various centers and telco agents to re-register their SIM cards before the Communications Authority of Kenya’s April 15 deadline (CA).

Those who do not register their SIM cards will face penalties, according to the regulator. To phase out scammers, telcos and the regulator aim to improve customer information and information systems, according to CA.

This is due to the prevalence of dual or many unlawful SIM registrations.

CA has noted the existence of fraudulently registered SIM cards which they claim that their owners use to commit fraud or crime.

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How To Verify Your ID Number Has Not Been Illegally Used In SIM Card Registration

i. Dial *106#. The USSD allows you to:

ii. Check your numbers alongside the credentials used to register it.

iii. Report unknown numbers associated with your ID.

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SIM cards registration deadline; Long queues in the registration centres

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