July 17, 2024

The Most Passionate Fans In The Premier League

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Most Passionate Fans In The Premier League

Leeds United fans have been named the most fervent in the Premier League, according to new rankings that are sure to divide opinion.

The Yorkshire team has struggled for consistency this season under Marcelo Bielsa, but their home support at Elland Road remains steadfast.

The club’s fans have been awarded the best in the league by football website 1sports1.

Newcastle United is ranked second in the Premier League. Newcastle, like Leeds, has unrivaled fan support throughout the city, and the club’s supporters are noted for their fervent support both at home and away.

Despite the fact that the club is currently suffering towards the bottom of the Premier League league, the atmosphere around St James’ Park has improved this season since Mike Ashley no longer owns the club.

Liverpool, the best-ranked team from the so-called ‘Big Six,’ is third on the list.

While opponents frequently dismiss the legendary Anfield atmosphere as a “fiction,” Liverpool supporters were named the best in the Premier League in a poll conducted last year.

Brentford, on the other hand, has been crowned the club with the least passionate following.


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The full list of the Most Passionate Fans In The Premier League

1. Leeds

2. Newcastle

3. Liverpool

4. West Ham

5. Arsenal

6. Aston Villa

7. Crystal Palace

8. Wolves

9. Norwich

10. Southampton

11. Chelsea

12. Leicester

13. Tottenham

14. Brighton

15. Everton

16. Manchester United

17. Manchester City

18. Burnley

19. Watford

20. Brentford

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