May 20, 2024

Two teachers, manager arrested taking photos of KCPE exam papers

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KCPE exam papers

On the last day of the KCPE, two teachers were arrested for photographing exam papers.

A third suspect, the manager of an examination center, was also detained for the same reason.

The three suspects are from the counties of Marsabit, Turkana, and Bungoma.

CS Education The fates of the two teachers and the center manager, according to George Magoha, were sealed.

“A manager in Abrassa Academy in Marsabit took an image of the paper and dispatched it to others. He has been arrested,” Magoha said.

In Turkana, a teacher was found with a cell phone with prepared answers and was also taken to police custody.

“We want to do the same in the coming Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam which starts on Monday,” he said.

The CS spoke on Wednesday while on a fact-finding tour at Old Kibera Primary School.

He said teachers hired to supervise KCSE should live to high moral standards and let students take the tests without helping them to cheat.

By 10.45am, pupils had already completed their Social Studies and Religious Education papers.

Magoha said the results will be out on March 23.

Teachers have already started marking the 2021 KCPE papers that were submitted on Monday.

Magoha said marking started on Monday and Mathematics, English Language and Composition papers have already been marked.

This year the council registered 1,225,507 candidates in 28,316 KCPE examination centres as compared to 1,191,752 candidates in 28,467 centres in 2020.

This reflects an increase of 33,755 representing 2.75 percent.

KCPE exam centres will be served from 491 distribution centres while KCSE exam centres will be served from 483 distribution centres.

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