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UDA MP hackled in front of President Ruto

UDA MP Zaheer Jhanda heckled in front of President Ruto after defending high fuel prices.

Nyaribari Chache MP Zaheer Jhanda encountered the wrath of the Kitutu Chache South constituents after commenting on factors behind the inflation of the prices of fuel products.

Jhanda was among the UDA-elected lawmakers accompanying President Willian Ruto to Cardinal Otunga Mosocho High School for a thanksgiving service on Saturday, December 16.

The first-timer in the National Assembly sought to exonerate the president from blame over the exorbitant cost of fuel, saying he was not able to control the market forces leading to the prices.

“It is important we understand that it is not the president who increases or reduces the prices of fuel. We must know that there are factors behind this,” he said as the audience became ungovernable.

The lawmaker was heckled almost into submission as he strived to defend himself without backing down. 

The UDA MP struggled to proceed with his speech as the jeers increased. However, he completed his speech after calm was restored. 

“‘We must say the truth. Even if we make noise, it is not the President that is making the fuel prices go up, so let us relax,” he stated and also condemned politicians who were criticising the government while requesting development projects.

He consequently asked them to stop allegedly blackmailing the government and rather give President William Ruto ample time to work. 

”It is important for leaders to respect your government. If you cannot respect the President and you want to be helped, how can that happen,” Zaheer wondered. 

The first-time MP also thanked President Ruto for raising the allocation of the National Government Constituency Fund from 35 per cent to 40 per cent.

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While making his speech in Kisii, Ruto concurred with MP Zaheer Jhanda, adding that other entities, such as EPRA, were responsible for adjusting fuel prices. 

”I told you last month that the price of fuel will come down, and it has come down, and now am telling you that next month the fuel price will reduce. Don’t clap for me because am not the one who has reduced.

”I did nothing about the fuel prices going down. Those people with oil are the ones bringing the prices to us every month the only thing am telling you is that those giving us the prices will reduce,” Ruto stated. 

Meanwhile, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) reduced the price of fuel from December 14 to January 14 2024.

In a statement on Thursday, December 14, the energy regulator said that the price of Petrol would reduce by Sh 5 while diesel and Kerosene would decrease by Sh 2.00 per litre and Sh 4.01 per litre respectively.

According to EPRA, Petrol would retail at Sh 212.36 in Nairobi while Diesel and Kerosene will retail at Sh 201.47 and Sh 199.05 respectively.

In Mombasa Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene would trade at Sh 209.3, Sh 198.41 and Sh 195.92 respectively.

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