July 17, 2024

UDA party to submit a list of known hate mongers to DPP

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UDA party will submit a list of “well-known” hate mongers to the office of DPP.

The party said in a statement that it will file a list of such lawmakers to the Director of Public Prosecutions for legal action to guarantee that the law is applied equally.

The UDA party called for the investigation and prosecution of ‘well-known’ politicians linked to previous “madoadoa” remarks.

It, however, did not provide the names to the media.

UDA has been crying foul that the security agencies are unfairly targeting its members for hate speech. 

The party stated that it is aware that during the election season, all stakeholders, including “our members” and other politicians from all political parties, must exercise prudence when engaging citizens in order to prevent inflaming ethnic tensions.

“For this reason, the party further calls on law enforcement agencies to exercise similar vigilance and bring to book other well-known political actors who in recent past have used the term madoadoa and other disparaging terms to mobilize support for political causes,” UDA said in a statement.

“In this regard, the party shall be furnishing the DPP with the particulars of these political actors and the specificities of their statements.”

The UDA party also welcomes the DPP’s probe into Meru Senator Mithika Linturi’s “madoadoa” utterances.


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“Unless the investigation and prosecution of all irresponsible political statements is conducted in a fair, dispassionate, and non-discriminatory manner, it runs the risk of creating political polarisation quite contrary to the intentions of the law,” the party said.

While the party expects that justice will be delivered to Linturi, the DPP must examine the evidence surrounding the senator’s words, according to the party.

“We call upon the DPP t consider the context within which these words were used by the hon. Linturi and to avoid interpretation of this term(‘madoadoa) in isolation of the intervening contextual situation,” said UDA secretary-general Veronica Maina who signed the statement.

The DP’s party said it commits itself to ensure that its rank and file will conduct itself in strict compliance with the stipulations of the law.

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