May 20, 2024

(Video) Kericho Bishop Runs Away with Campaign Money Meant For Locals

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Kericho Bishop runs away with campaign money meant for the locals and agitated congregants give a chase.

Charles Keter, the former devolution CS and current Kericho gubernatorial hopeful, visited Siongi ward in Bureti sub-county on Monday, March 21.

Kiter handed KSh 20,000 in handouts to Bishop Geoffrey Yegon of the UPC Church, who was meant to distribute them to the community but instead chose to depart with them. 

According to a source, the enraged residents hunted him down and couldn’t let him go.

The bishop was a little more daring than the villagers; he took off on a motorcycle, making it impossible for the poor residents to catch up with him. 

The Kericho bishop later returned the next day, claiming that Keter had not handed him any money.

“He just sustained minor injuries due to the stamped, but yesterday he came out and denied that he was given the handout. We usually say that liars should be a little witty, but he failed to be wise. He tried to lie, but his lies couldn’t go past the most asinine. So woe betides him,” the source, who is a resident, said 

It’s a political season and politicians are on a charm vote offensive as they try to woo supporters to their camp. 

Most of these leaders are now dashing out money to voters as a way of pulling them to his side. 

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