June 14, 2024

We Protected Raila and his Father From Being Killed In London in London, Presidential Aspirant George Wajackoyah 

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Presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah has claimed he helped save the life of Raila Odinga and of his father.

However, he claimed that Raila Odinga forgot about him despite saving his life. 

The Presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah spoke during an interview with TUKO.co.ke on Friday, March 25.

Wajackoyah alleged that Raila forgot about him despite having helped him in his time of need. 

“Its only that Raila Odinga forgets people who have helped him. I think wherever he is he must be very guilty cause he knows what we did for him. He knows the financial contributions that we did,” he said. 

Wajackoyah who’s also an immigration lawyer stated that together with other leaders of the second liberation protected Raila and his father, but upon returning to Kenya, he forgot about them. 

“He knows how we gave ourselves up to safeguard him not to be killed in London. He knows how we protected him and his father. We are coming here the guy doesn’t know who we are. They forget so fast,” he added. 

However, he gave credit to Deputy President William Ruto, stating that, he has always remembered those who helped him. 

Wajackoyah was also quick to state that it doesn’t mean he supports Ruto, but he only likes the aspect about him, not forgetting his friends. 

“That is why I give credit to Ruto I may not like Ruto because of the way he behaves but Ruto does not forget the people he has been with and helped him reach somewhere. 

But am not going to say that I support Ruto. I like that aspect of him helping those who have been with him in whichever difficulty,” explained Wajackoyah. 

George Wajackoyah announced his candidature on Saturday, February 12, to run for the presidency in the coming August general elections. 

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