June 14, 2024

Woman, 59, beaten at parish headquarters for having sex with teenage boy

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Woman, 59, beaten at parish headquarters to discipline her for having sex with teenage boy.

The woman received 10 strokes in a bid to discipline her for having sex with an 18-year-old man.

According to Daily Monitor, Kedesi Katsigaire, 59, is accused of being a sexual predator.

Women in her locality had called her out for degrading the dignity of women and even suggested that they would not mind if Ms Katsigaire was practicing her dubious behavior with old men.

“When we entered the suspects’ house, we found the two in bed naked and they started to ask for forgiveness…we decided to take them to the parish headquarters where we found the whole community gathered,” 

said Ms Jacenta Kamashengyero, a social worker in the locality.

However, surprisingly, the local leaders did not object Ms Katsigaire’s punishment of 10 strokes of the cane apart from the stern warning given by the village council chairperson, Mr Nathan Bigirwa.

“When we arrested the two, we looked at all options. Communal work and caning. Ms Katsigaire chose caning and we decided to give her 10 strokes of the cane as a warning to other [older] women,” Mr Bigirwa said.

Kyeizoba’s Sub-County chairperson Mr Victor Taremwa also defended the punishment given out saying it was needed to instill dignity and good behavior in their people.

Having endured public discipline, Ms Katsigaire has reportedly disappeared from the village.

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