July 17, 2024

Woman ‘started blaze killing 46 in a bid to punish cheating boyfriend

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A woman is in court for starting a blaze that killed 46 people in a bid to punish her cheating boyfriend.

According to reports, the woman allegedly started the deadliest fire in an attempt to get back at a boyfriend she suspected was cheating on her. 

It started when the woman identified as Huang left unextinguished incense ashes on a sofa before leaving the building. 

The fire engulfed the residential building overnight, killing 46 people. 

The Taiwanese woman is now facing the death penalty for allegedly starting the region’s deadliest fire. 

The prosecutor’s office, in a statement, said, “Huang intended to light a fire to cause an incident and embarrass her boyfriend, leading to a major disaster and the loss of many innocent lives. 

She has shown no remorse and her attitude is bad … (prosecutors) recommend that the court impose capital punishment to serve as a warning.”

According to officials, 55 people were taken to the hospital, with 14 of them showing no signs of life.

According to the director of the fire department, who spoke to journalists at the scene of the fire, at least 11 people discovered on the scene were transferred to the mortuary right away.

The fire was “extremely powerful,” according to the fire department, and it destroyed multiple storeys of the building.

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