May 24, 2024

‘You’re an idiot, ‘Ukrainians are being bombed and murdered while you celebrate Abramovich’: John Terry slammed

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John Terry has been heavily criticized for praising Abramovich as ‘the best’ following his announcement that he has put Chelsea up for sale.

British MP Chris Bryant, while in Parliament, questioned Terry: ‘What will the people of Ukraine think of the former England football captain?’

Abramovich released a statement on Wednesday evening in which he said he is looking to sell the Premier League side and that he is writing off the £1.5 billion debt he is owed by the club. 

It came as Abramovich, – who has reported links to the Russian regime, – is seeking to distance himself from Vladimir Putin and sanctions imposed on Russia by the West over its devastating and illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Chelsea fans immediately responded to the statement by expressing their gratitude towards Abramovich, with the club winning 21 trophies since he became owner back in 2003.

And few were more glowing in their praise than former Chelsea captain Terry, who captained them to 16 trophies under Abramovich – including five Premier League titles – and said: ‘Thank you Roman. The Best Owner in the WORLD.’

However, the former Blues and England center-back’s statement has not gone down very well, with MP Chris Bryant leading the criticism as Ukrainians continue to lose their lives following Russia’s invasion last week.

‘I think @JohnTerry26 you should take this down ASAP,’ Mr. Bryant said. ‘The people of Ukraine are being bombed, shelled, and murdered while you celebrate Abramovich.’ 

Then, speaking in Parliament, Mr Bryant added: ‘I do not know if you’ve seen this but he [John Terry] has posted a photo with Abramovich, who is one of Putin’s cronies.” What will the people of Ukraine think of the former England football captain?’

Social media users were also quick to call out Terry’s post, with one stating: ‘You’re an idiot JT. Try thinking of other people for a change.

Others just simply tweeted: ‘Absolutely shameful,’ while another posted a reply to his tweet which read: ‘You should be ashamed.” This is not a time to glorify oligarch.’

Others were critical that Terry had shown a lack of sensitivity given the war in Ukraine, with another tweeting: ‘Read the room John. Think before you tweet.’

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