June 20, 2024

Zelensky praises Russian State TV Employee who was Arrested After Interrupting Live Broadcast With Anti-War Sign

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Zelensky praises a Russian State TV Employee who was arrested after interrupting a live broadcast with an anti-war sign.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has praised the Russian TV editor who ran onto a live state TV news with a sign protesting Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine that read.

‘I am grateful to those Russians who do not stop trying to convey the truth. To those who fight disinformation and tell the truth, real facts to their friends and loved ones,’ Zelensky said in a Telegram video. 

Marina Ovsyannikova, an editor on the Russian TV channel Pervyi Kanal (Channel One) held up a sign on the broadcaster’s main evening news show, Vremya, that said: ‘Stop the war! Don’t believe propaganda! They’re lying to you here! Russians against war.’

Zelensky said; ‘And personally to the woman who entered the studio of Channel One with a poster against the war,’ Zelensky said, adding: ‘To those who are not afraid to protest. As long as your country has not completely closed itself off from the whole world, turning into a very large North Korea, you must fight. You must not lose your chance.’  

Channel One was the first station to broadcast in the Russian Federation after the fall of the Soviet Union and has more than 250 million viewers across the world. 

The news anchor carried on speaking before producers quickly cut to a news report to stop Ovsyannikova revealing the truth about Putin’s war.

She recorded a video at home before her brave stunt, saying: ‘The responsibility for this aggression lies with one man: Vladimir Putin.’

But she could now be jailed for up to 15 years. Her lawyer, Dmitry Zakhvatov, told the news outlet he is unable to find his client, despite reports she is being held in Moscow’s Ostankino Police station. 

Channel Pervyi Kanal said it was investigating the interruption to its normal schedule at its studios at the Ostankino Technical Centre, near Moscow.

Ovsyannikova was arrested by police working for the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The reason given was for her ‘public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in order to protect the interests of the Russian Federation and its citizens, maintain international peace and security,’ the TASS news agency reported.

Ovsyannikova has a Ukrainian father and said before her actions Monday that she was ashamed to be peddling the Kremlin’s lies.

She said: ‘What’s happening in Ukraine is a crime and Russia is the aggressor.

‘The responsibility for this aggression lies with one man: Vladimir Putin.

‘My father is Ukrainian, my mother is Russian and they were never enemies.

‘Unfortunately, for the last few years I’ve been working for Channel One.

‘I’ve been doing Kremlin propaganda and I’m very ashamed of it – that I let people lie from TV screens and allowed the Russian people to be zombified.

‘We didn’t say anything in 2014 when it only just began.

‘We didn’t protest when the Kremlin poisoned Navalny.

‘We just silently watched this inhuman regime.

‘Now the whole world has turned away from us, and ten generations of our descendants won’t wash off this fratricidal war.’

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