June 20, 2024

2017 polls one of the most competitive polls ever and my worst year; Uhuru

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Uhuru Kenyatta has explained that the 2017 polls were one of the most competitive polls ever and one of his worst years.

While speaking to over 3000 youths at the State House on Friday, the president said 2017 was the most difficult year for him.

He explained how 2017 became one of the worst years in his tenure.

“2013 tulipata nafasi na tukatenda yale ambayo tuliyatenda na tunamshukuru Mungu. Lakini in 2017, it was one of my worst and difficult year,” he said.

(In 2013 we were elected and we worked well. We thank God. But in 2017, this was one of my worst years…)

Uhuru said that year was also one of his most trying times.

“We were caught with two scenarios whereby our country was split into two and we had to make a choice and that choice was not an easy choice,” he said.

“Because when you have to share and consult it’s more difficult. But we took the hard route to the disappointments of even some of my own friends who thought we should take the easy route.”

He said the issue that plagued Kenya was the lack of representation amongst the people.

“…which we tried to resolve through the Building Bridges Initiative. However a few individuals poisoned the minds of Kenyans,” he said.

The presidential election on August 8, 2017, was one of the most competitive in the country’s history.

It was the first to be overturned by the Supreme Court due to numerous irregularities and violations.

The election was called off after a petition was submitted by then-NASA leader Raila Odinga, who claimed that Uhuru of Jubilee had not been legitimately elected.

The opposition refused to recognize Uhuru as their president and instead appointed Raila as the people’s president, causing a rift in the country.

The country was split in half, leading to the March 2018 handshake between President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to break the standoff that saved the country.

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