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21 Key prayers in Raila Odinga’s petition at the Supreme Court

Raila Odinga’s petition

Azimio leader Raila Odinga officially filed a presidential petition at the Supreme Court yesterday on Monday, 22, August against William Ruto’s election.

In his petition, Raila Odinga is seeking 21 reliefs, including an order for inspection of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) servers and scrutiny of the rejected and spoilt votes.

The Azimio team also wants an order for scrutiny and forensic audit of the Kenya Integrated Elections Management System (Kiems) kits, IEBC website, and portal, and the returns of the presidential election, including Forms 34A, 34B, and 34C.

21 Key prayers in Raila Odinga’s petition

  • IEBC and chairman Wafula Chebukati to provide all the material including electronic devices and equipment for presidential elections within 48 hours.
  • Order for forensic audit and investigation of Forms 34A, 34B, and 34C.
  • IEBC and Chebukati to produce and allow access to all the logs of all servers hosted by and on behalf of IEBC for presidential elections within 48 hours.
  • Summon DCI to produce gadgets and materials including reports, equipment, laptops, and phones related to or found in possession of the Venezuelan nationals linked to the IEBC.
  • Court order compelling DCI to produce laptop(s) retrieved from a UDA agent which Azimio says had access to and manipulated form 34As.
  • An order for scrutiny of rejected and spoilt votes.
  • A declaration that rejected and spoilt votes count in total votes cast amends the computation of the final tally
  • An order made for scrutiny and forensic audit of all equipment and system used by IEBC in the presidential election including the KIEMS kit, servers, and portal.
  • Nullify Chebukati’s tally and direct IEBC to tally and verify the count and declare Raila as the winner.
  • A declaration that IEBC as presently constituted is incapable of presiding over a proper, credible, verifiable, and valid presidential election.
  • A declaration that non-compliance with the law, irregularities, and improprieties in the Presidential election were substantial and significant to affect the outcome.
  • A declaration that all votes affected by irregularities are invalid and should be struck off from the final tally.
  • A declaration that genuine results tallied and verified after scrutiny be considered the valid outcome of the election.
  • An alternate declaration to the 13 above that the election was not conducted in line with the constitution and therefore the outcome is invalid, null, and void.
  • A declaration that Ruto did not meet the constitutional threshold to be declared the winner.
  • A declaration that Ruto was not validly declared as President-elect.
  • A declaration quashing the certificate awarded to Ruto as the winner of the presidential election
  • An order for IEBC to conduct a fresh Presidential election.
  • A declaration upholding the move by four commissioners to reject the election declaration.
  • A declaration that IEBC and its commissioners and Ruto jointly and severally committed election irregularities.
  • A declaration that Chebukati is unfit to hold public office.

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