June 14, 2024

A Catholic priest dies in the lodging

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A Catholic priest is reported to have been found dead on Sunday in lodging at Kilala shopping centre in Kaiti, Makueni County.

It’s suspected that the priest identified as Kyalo died of poison.

Kyalo, who works in the Kako region, is alleged to have reserved the room at 8 a.m. on Sunday and placed an order for Sh1,600 worth of beer.

According to the authorities, the catholic priest remained in his room all day without asking for food.

This alerted the room attendants to the fact that something wasn’t quite right.

The attendants knocked on his door at 8 p.m. but received no response.

They contacted the cops, who entered the room and found him lifeless.

According to officials, the reason for the suicide is still unknown.

According to police, the hotel administration contacted them around 7 p.m. after becoming concerned because the priest never left his room or ordered meals.

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The priest allegedly consumed a toxic chemical, according to Makueni Sub County Police Commander Timothy Maina after recovering a poisonous substance in the room.

Two bottles of beer, a bottle of Red Label whiskey, a bottle carrying a chemical (Sulban 48EC), two empty glasses, room keys, a smartphone, and a mask were also discovered by the police.

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