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A damming report reveals 70 percent of civil servants promoted are men

70 percent of civil servants promoted last year, 2022 men according to a report by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

According to the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) most recent report, seven out of ten officers who were promoted in the civil service in the last year were men.

According to the report submitted to Parliament, a total of 6,172 government workers received promotions during the 2021–2022 fiscal year, with 4,320 (or 70%) males and 1,852 (or 20%) women receiving those promotions (30 percent).

“Promotion of officers is a human resource function aimed at ensuring that officers ascend to higher positions in the grading structure based on merit. The promotions that were made were intended to fill staffing gaps, boost morale and improve retention and service delivery,” reads the report.

The civil servants that were promoted were dispersed over 15 ministries, with the State Department of Gender having the most at 2,226 while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had the fewest at only one male officer promoted over the course of the year.

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There were just four ministries where there were more female officers promoted than male officers.

They include the Department of Justice, the State Department of Gender, the State Law Office, and the Ministries of Labor and Social Protection, Sports, Culture, and Heritage.

967 men, or 43.4 percent, and 1,259 women, or 56.6 percent, made up the 2,226 promoted officers in the gender department.

The National Treasury came in second place with 799 public workers promoted, of which 528 (66%) were men and 271 (33.9%) were women.

With 786 officers promoted, the State Department of Early and Basic Education placed third overall. Of these, 574 were men (73%) and 212 were women (27 percent).

The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government had 233 officers promoted in the financial year under review. Of these, 174 were male (74.7 percent) while female officers were 59 (25.3 percent).

In the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade, and Enterprise, 33 officers were promoted with 26 being male and seven female. It was followed closely by the Department of Transport where 30 officers were promoted – 25 male and five female. 

The Department for Livestock closed the list of those that registered double-digit promotions with 14 officers – were male while six were female.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, Department for Cooperatives, and Department for Housing and Urban Planning registered less than 10 promotions each during the year under review at eight, four, and two, respectively.

“Promotions in the public service were through competitive processes and succession management,” reads the report.

While some of the civil servants were getting promotions, another 3,958 exited public service for various reasons, including attaining the mandatory retirement age, death, end of the contract, 50-year rule, dismissal, resignation, and transfers.

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