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Agriculture CS announces reduction of Unga prices

Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi announces dates for reduction of Unga prices amid concerns over the high cost of living.

By March 1, 2023, maize flour costs would be lowered, according to plans revealed by Mithika Linturi, cabinet secretary for agriculture.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, December 3, Linturi pledged to cut the cost of Unga, which is now sold for more than Ksh200 to lessen the burden on Kenyans.

He clarified that the government had ordered the importation of maize in December 2022 in order to carry on President William Ruto’s campaign promise to cut the cost of living.

“I want to commit that by the end of February, the cost of Unga will have gone down and that of Rice will also come down,” he stated.

The Agriculture CS also hinted at the possibility of price reductions for other food items like rice over time, but he did not specify how quickly this would happen.

Linturi, on the other hand, advised Kenyans to make investments in the agricultural sector, arguing that it was the only way to lower the cost of living.

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He claimed that the state had to import a number of different items due to the market’s limited supplies.

“I want to encourage Kenyans to plant something no matter how small the land is.

“If we were all to rely on buying food, assuming that nobody went to the farm to produce that food, we wouldn’t chew on the coins or the notes that we all have,” he asserted.

Kenyans have also criticized Ruto’s administration for failing to keep a campaign promise despite having been in office for more than 100 days due to the high cost of food.

For instance, the price of a 2-kg packet of maize flour varies across the country from Ksh200 to Ksh250.

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