May 20, 2024

All What You Need For SIM Card Registration, Communication Authority

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Communication Authority; All What You Need To Avail For SIM Card Registration

Kenyans have been queuing and hurrying to various centers and telco agents to re-register their SIM cards before the Communications Authority of Kenya’s April 15 deadline (CA).

Those who do not register their SIM cards will face penalties, according to the regulator. 

To phase out scammers, telcos and the regulator aim to improve customer information and information systems, according to CA.

A person wishing to register a SIM card must submit their full name, identity card, service card, passport or alien card number, date of birth, gender, physical address, postal address, and, if applicable, any other registered subscriber number.

An original and a copy of the national identity card, service card, passport, or alien card must also be provided.

In the case of minors, you will also need to supply an original and a copy of their birth certificate, as well as their subscriber number if they are already a subscriber.

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According to the registration regulations any person, who knowingly provides false information to a telecommunications operator or an agent during the registration process, commits an offence.

Further, the telecommunications operator shall ensure that all transition existing subscribers, who are registered prior to the coming into provisions operation of these regulations, fulfil the requirements within six months of the commencement.

Telcos shall suspend and deactivate a SIM card of a subscriber who fails to comply with the provisions. The provisions of regulations shall be subject to necessary modifications applied to any person who contravenes this regulation.

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