Am “struggling” to Understand Why Arsenal Trust Mikel Arteta; Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has vented on Twitter about Arsenal’s recent performances, questioning why he should trust Mikel Arteta’s method following the Gunners’ loss to Tottenham.

Piers Morgan, an Arsenal supporter, has challenged Mikel Arteta’s supporters to explain why he should trust his process.

Arsenal’s Champions League aspirations were shattered on Thursday evening when they were defeated by their North London rivals.

Tottenham scored three goals to move ahead of their haters in the race for the top four.

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Morgan tweeted: “Can Arteta-crazed Arsenal fans remind me again why I should trust a process that involves spending £250m in 2yrs, giving our best striker to Barcelona, and losing 5 of our last 10 League games in [a] crucial run-in with nothing else to play for? I’m struggling.”

Spurs took the lead halfway through the first period when Harry Kane scored from the penalty spot. Arsenal’s task was made even more difficult when Rob Holding was sent off after 30 minutes.

Kane struck twice just before half-time, putting an end to any hopes of a Gunners comeback.

Tottenham moved within a point of fourth-placed Arsenal thanks to Son Heung-third min’s goal.

However, Arteta isn’t worried about Spurs gaining momentum: “No no, this is very acceptable, we lost a football match in the conditions that we lost, it’s painful but that pain cannot be sustained as we have a huge match on Monday.

“Now I talk about the excitement of playing Newcastle. We have two games to play, each of us, it’s in our hands and now we have to do our job.”

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