June 14, 2024

Arsenal training session mocked by fans as Arteta unleashes frustrations on players

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Arsenal training session has been mocked by fans as Arteta unleashed frustrations on players, pelting them with tennis balls.

After a disappointing transfer window, Mikel Arteta was certainly in the desire to chuck things, but the Arsenal manager gave his team the ultimate stress relief.

Mikel Arteta has been under a lot of pressure recently, with his Arsenal team on the receiving end.

The Gunners’ only January addition was Colorado Rapids defender Auston Trusty, who was immediately loaned back to the MLS club.

Arteta and technical director Edu had a disappointing month after missing out on top transfer targets Dusan Vlahovic and Arthur Melo.

Despite the fact that they were able to sell Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Barcelona, January was a very poor month for them.

Arteta, on the other hand, was able to let off some steam by flinging tennis balls at his players from close range.

Arsenal have been training in Dubai in the warm weather, where their manager has been putting them through their paces.

The north Londoners did, however, find time to enjoy some team bonding during an exercise that had the players racing through a grid while being hit with tennis balls from close range.

In a heartwarming exchange between the club and its followers, children were allowed to partake in the carnage.

However, much as Arteta and his crew hurled the tennis balls, some Arsenal supporters have criticized the session and Arteta’s staff’s throwing skills.

“This is worse than Emery’s crosses into those massive bollard things. Chucking tennis balls around. Good grief,” said one bemused Arsenal fan.

“How is any player supposed to get behind a manager that can’t even throw a tennis ball with conviction,” added another confused supporter.

“To be fair, the depth of our squad, surprised we haven’t seen squid game going on,” added another fan.

“The throwing technique is atrocious? Who is coaching them on how to throw the balls?” another confused supporter asked.

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