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Azimio questions the relevance of the Supreme court in Kenya’s electoral process

Azimio questions the relevance of the Supreme court in Kenya’s electoral process asking Kenyans to rethink if the apex court has outlived its usefulness.

The leadership of the Azimio Coalition Party, led by Raila Odinga, has urged Kenyans to reconsider the Supreme Court’s importance to Kenya’s electoral process.

The Martha Koome-led bench was referred to as the weakest link in the fight for democracy by Azimio’s senior brass in a message to the newsroom on Thursday, September 29.

“Kenyans need to consider whether the Supreme Court is serving the purposes for which it was established,” read the report. 

The Azimio team has been contending since the verdict on September 5th that the supreme court was biased in favor of Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza Alliance camp and overlooked the evidence presented against the victory, arguing that the polls were tainted with anomalies.

In its criticism of the full judgment, the coalition claims that the apex court glossed over crucial evidence and allowed the electoral body to easily explain away grave violations of the law.

They criticized the wording used by the judges in the Supreme Court’s reasoned decision as well as the judgment itself.

They referred to the seven-judge bench’s justifications as “hot air” and claimed the decision lacked integrity in both fact and law.

“In our view, and we feel entitled to use the language of the court the full decision lacks merit and is plainly “hot air.” We accordingly reiterate our objections to the reasoning of the judges. It lacks integrity in both fact and law, and is not grounded in any discernable logic,” Raila said as reported by Citizen. 

While insisting that the 2022 presidential results remain illegitimate, the ODM leader urged Kenyans not to lose hope in the struggle for democracy. 

“We regard the election result as wholly illegitimate and call upon Kenyans not to lose faith in the struggle for democracy,” Azimio said.

Martha Karua calls Supreme Court recommendations on IEBC “hot air” 

The leadership of Azimio criticized the apex court for rejecting their evidence regarding the alleged use of IEBC systems by unauthorized individuals, alleged outside interference with forms 34As, and alleged forgeries of forms 34B in contrast to original forms 34As.

They also questioned why the Koome-led bench found the alleged suppression of votes through the postponement of the Mombasa and Kakamega gubernatorial elections irrelevant in their ruling.

The Azimio coalition now wants the Supreme Court disbanded entirely on claims that it did not deliver a fair judgment on the August presidential petitions.

In their landmark judgment delivered on Monday, September 5, Chief Justice dismissed the evidence filed by the petitioners, upholding the election of William Ruto.

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