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Bobi wines daughter emotionally prays for him before sneaking out from house arrest

Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine in an emotional moment as his daughter tearfully prays for him before sneaking out.

Bobi Wine revealed on Instagram that Suubi, the youngest of his four children was really worried about what would happen to him over his plan to “sneak” out of house arrest. 

Armed military soldiers atop strong trucks stood just outside the politician’s gate, their job it was to make sure he stayed inside the house.

“She had seen the rudeness and brutality with which those military and police guys treated journalists and visitors who tried to access our home,” said Bobi. 

“After so much explaining to her why it was important to leave, she offered to make a prayer for me,” added the entertainer. 

In her emotional prayer, little Suubi was very emphatic about God protecting her dear father.

“I’m asking you for your safety; I am asking you to protect us, protect my father as he goes through this, dear Lord. Save Uganda, save Africa,” she prayed while holding his hands in hers. 

According to Suubi, she prayed for her father earnestly because he was sneaking out. 

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“Suubi rarely cries; she is always funny, but she was genuinely concerned. I noticed that her eyes were teary after the short prayer she made,” shared Bobi. 

“It is alright, Suubi don’t you cry. I will be safe, and God is watching us. I hope that one day, we shall live in a country where children will never have to endure so many worries and pain simply because their parents are opposed to the rulers of the day,” said Bobi.

In a later post, Bobi Wine shared that their home in Magere was under very tight surveillance. 

“In addition to the stationary as well as mobile cameras planted all around our home, they are now seated on top of police trucks monitoring directly whatever is happening inside our compound,” he said. 

“A blatant breach of our right to privacy. Our neighbours are also being grossly inconvenienced by these criminal actions. You wonder why they don’t put the resources they invest in this impunity to improve the lives of our people!” he added.

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