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CDF will not be abolished, Ruto assures MPs

Ruto assures MPs that CDF will not be abolished despite the Supreme Court ruling finding it unconstitutional.

William Ruto, the incoming president, has told elected lawmakers that the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) won’t be abolished.

Speaking during a Parliamentary Group meeting with Kenya Kwanza leaders on Wednesday, September 7, Ruto stated that CDF for MPs is going to be an instrument that will continue to exist.

“We know the legislation that was taken to court is old,” Ruto stated.

“ I know we believe in the rule of law, the legislation that was taken to court is old. It is not the legislation that currently is the basis on which is CDF is going on.”

William Ruto went into more depth about how crucial CDF is to lawmakers. He reflected on his time as a member of parliament, both before and after the fund was adopted, observing that it was a game-changer.

“ The difference is immense, I know how important CDF is. It is one of the funds whose impact can be seen in any part of Kenya,” Ruto stated.

He also warned elected MPs to ensure that they use the funds appropriately, saying the money will ensure that they are reelected or sent home by voters in 2027.

“How you use CDF will determine how long you stay in parliament, it is simple as that,” Ruto said.

Ruto’s statement came after the Supreme Court ruled that the Act, which was enacted in 2013 and changed in 2015, was unconstitutional.

The CDF Act, according to a five-judge panel chaired by Chief Justice Martha Koome, violates the separation of powers, rendering the funds unlawful.

Each constituency received at least Sh100 million annually from the national government, and MPs were expected to spend the money on development projects.

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