May 20, 2024

City legend Sergio Aguero confirms talks with Man City as he’s set for unveiling of his statue at the Etihad

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City legend Sergio Aguero has confirmed talks over his future role with Manchester City after retirement.

Sergio Aguero, a Manchester City legend, retired from football in December after developing cardiac difficulties while playing for Barcelona.

Following his retirement from football last year, Sergio Aguero has announced he is in talks about future positions with Manchester City and the Argentina national team.

Aguero is City’s all-time leading scorer, but he joined Barcelona last summer after leaving the Etihad.

After suffering heart difficulties in a game in October, his stay at the Nou Camp was cut short, and he was recommended to retire.

Aguero, who is now pursuing a career with his eSports company, has spoken to Argentine media about his future plans, confirming that he plans to take on ambassadorial responsibilities for City and Argentina, as well as join the Argentine coaching staff for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in some form.

In response to speculations that he would return to hometown club Independiente in June, Aguero told TyC Sports: “I saw the news suggesting that I would return in June to practice with Independiente.”

“I said that I did not know who was running for the elections, that they should not lie to the people and that they should not campaign with me.

“It was only so that they do not confuse people and that they understand that it was something totally untrue. I was born and I love Independiente, but today I have no plans to do things for any club.

“With Manchester City we are looking to go to three or four annual events. I’m looking for something similar with the Argentine national team.

The City legend Sergio Aguero confirmed he expects to be at City in May for the unveiling of his statue at the Etihad — just in time for the 10th anniversary of his iconic 2012 title-winning goal — but while he said he has received various offers to return to playing since his retirement, he is not thinking of playing any time soon.

“From time to time the return comes to mind, but I clearly know that it is not. It’s like looking at something that I know will not happen, at least for a while,” he said.

“What happened to my heart was very strange and suddenly. They don’t really know why it came, I’m going to continue investigating just to find out the truth. I was physically fine, something strange happened.

“In training it also happened to me. I was already feeling bad. One thought it was because I was training again, but it was strange because I was in the Copa América. I felt muscle pain, my head hurt a lot and I had a lot of pressure.

“I thought it was all about the heat. Today I want to play, but it scares me. I trained all my life to the fullest and in high competition. They told me I was lucky because I could easily have had a heart attack.

“The other day I was running on the treadmill, and I played a game of football tennis and I ran out of breath. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to sprint again. I am scared.”

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