Don’t worry about tittle, Enjoy the Journey; Klopp Tells Players

Don’t worry about tittle, Enjoy the Journey; Klopp Tells Players Ahead of the Final Day of the Premier League.

Jurgen Klopp has stated that his Liverpool team will continue to pursue trophies even if they are unable to overtake Manchester City in the Premier League.

Liverpool needs to beat Wolves on Sunday. 

It’s their only chance of winning the Premier League if they win at Anfield and Manchester City lose points.

Their odds are minimal, but they’re not out of the woods.

The Reds take on Wolves on Sunday, needing to beat City’s result against Aston Villa, managed by former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, to equal City’s record of 20 titles and a domestic treble.

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Don’t worry about tittle

“Whatever happens on Sunday we will not stop. We will not stop trying,” he said.

“Yes, we have the best opponent in world football, which is a bit of a shame, but they have us in their neck, which is not too cool as well. So let’s see.”

Klopp believes they have the psychological advantage as the Premier League trophy is City’s to lose, having been front-runners for so long.

The finale is uncannily similar to that of 2019 when Liverpool were pipped to the title by City despite a record points haul (97) for a runner-up before a victorious Champions League final against Tottenham in Madrid.

Liverpool have reduced a 14-point deficit in January to one point.

“I cannot talk about pressure for the other team but it’s like this for us: there is no pressure,” he added.

“We know that we have to win the football game but we’ve had that now for a while.

“It’s not about, ‘what if?’. We don’t have that. If City have that, I don’t know.

“For us, it is pretty positive, it is so special. If you have something to lose it feels different but we don’t have that.

“We have been in situations like this before and we know it is not easy but most of the time we have dealt with it OK.

“I have no reason to think why Man City wouldn’t but the situation is different. Ours is full throttle, give it a try and let’s see what the outcome is.

“Whatever happens on Sunday, I will not forget that it has been an absolutely fantastic season.

“So enjoy the journey is what I always say because you never know what the outcome is, so you better enjoy it now because that is what we did so far.”

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