May 23, 2024

Employee stabs former boss to death after being fired 

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Employee stabs former boss to death after being fired

Former employee stabs boss, a businessman to death weeks after being fired from job

Former employee stabs boss, a businessman to death weeks after being fired from job

Police launch investigations over the murder of a businessman who was fatally stabbed by a former employee in Isebania on Thursday, February 29.

According to the police report, the deceased opened his business on Thursday morning and continued with his normal day-to-day operations.

Moments later, one of the employees who he had fired a week prior, showed up at his business.

The two men engaged in a conversation that later escalated into a confrontation as an argument ensued.

The reports add that the former employee, in a fit of rage, brandished a knife and stabbed the businessman twice in the chest. Subsequently, the suspect fled from the scene.

Officers from Kehancha Police Station were dispatched to the scene and cordoned off the entire business premises as a crime scene. 

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Detectives have initiated investigations to determine the motive behind the murder.

Law enforcement officials ruled out theft as a motive, given that the suspect did not abscond with the cash left on the table, which remained untouched.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect fled towards Tanzania to avoid being detected by law enforcement officers.

“They began arguing and following the confrontation, the ex-employee took out a knife and stabbed him to death at his chest. He then fled to Tanzania,” the officer stated.

“If the motive were to steal, he would have taken the cash left on the table.”

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