June 14, 2024

Father Kills his only two daughters after arguing with wife

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Father kills his only two daughters aged five and seven after picking an argument with his wife in Kwale County.

The father allegedly had a falling out with his wife, Bridget Ndunge Muema, but decided to vent his rage on the children when she fled.

During the event at their Taru house on Sunday evening, the suspect sliced the children’s throats.

One of the girls was discovered in a pool of blood in her bed, while the other was discovered in a sofa set. The throats of the victims had been slit. 

Police in Kinango are looking for the murder suspect who is on run.

Police reports indicated that the wife ran away for her life, after a heated argument with the husband. 

It was unclear what the pair had fought about at the time.

Gruesome pictures taken by homicide detectives at the crime scene show the girls suffered deep cuts in the neck.

“The Kamba male, aged 54 years, differed with his wife Bridget Ndunge Muema over domestic affairs and he decided to kill his daughters in cold blood,” states a report filed at Mackinnon Police Station.


A mother pours boiled water on her son

The suspect’s sister, Esther Mueni reported the killings to the police station. 

She said her brother differed with his wife before the incident.

On Tuesday, Kinango sub-county police commander Fredrick Ombaka said they have launched a manhunt for the suspect.

“On realizing that his wife had escaped, Mutie took a knife and killed his only two daughters, Parelian Nduki Maingi aged five years, and Maratina Maingi aged seven years,” Ombaka said.

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