May 20, 2024

Fresh Details Why Mama Ida Odinga Was Heckled By “Staged Church Women” In Meru, Reactions

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Mama Ida Odinga had attended a function by Catholic women where she was heckled and booed by ‘staged church women’ in Meru.

Ida was heckled by some hostile crowd despite being an invited guest in the Catholic Women Association prayer day event.

As she tried to make her remarks, the crowd booed as they refused to be addressed.

“I’m a mother like you,” she said as the crowd heckled and continued to chant.

The Master of Ceremony had to come in and request the crowd to hear her out but to no avail.

However, its believed that most women attending the church function were hired by political opponents and given the catholic women’s uniform.

Their objective was to heckle Ida Odinga and portray deputy president William Samoei Ruto as very popular in the Meru region.

So determined were the loudy women goons wearing catholic uniforms that they did not care about shouting. 

The move to organize hecklers in church not only attracted criticisms but also left many asking why they had to drag the church in dirty politics.

Condemning the act, Karua said what happened at the Meru CWA function was uncalled for.

“… especially because the women through their leadership must have invited Ida as their guest,” Karua said.

“Why invite a guest then heckle or boo them ? Probably a stage-managed affair for the sole purpose of political zoning which is unacceptable.”

Karua said Kenyans must reject politics of intimidation at all costs.

“We must reject politics of thuggery, let everyone market their ideas without let of hindrance,” she said.

“He hired goons and gave them Catholic women Association uniforms to go and heckler Ida. This is an insult to Catholic women.”

“Mithika Linturi hired goons to Heckle First lady Ida Odinga in a church function in Meru. This is a new low of Ruto. Let him face Raila directly.The hired goons were chanting Ruto Ruto when Mama Ida Odinga stood to Deliver her moving speech. Ruto thinks has the monopoly of hiring goons. Let the game continue.”

“This is uncouth and quite barbaric. Ida Odinga is not Raila. I don’t think that there are still other places which people are still ignorant like. How is Ida’s mission attached to her husband and why were they inviting her?”

“Yes , the stage was managed yet it wasn’t a political arena. They should have kept and given her the pace to deliver her speech. Why woo and you call yourself a Catholic church woman, jinga sana.”

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