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Government considering three options for Junior Secondary Schools

Government considering three options for Junior Secondary Schools to ensure a seamless transition.

The Kenyan government has announced options to ensure that students move from Grade 6 to junior secondary school smoothly.

The Ministry of Education estimates that in 2023, nearly 1.2 million students will apply to junior secondary schools.

The government has offered the following alternatives notwithstanding the absence of current infrastructure, particularly in the accessibility of science laboratories to enable that change.

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Conversion of classes

The Ministry of Education is considering converting existing classrooms to laboratories, listed as one of the issues that affected students’ growth under the defunct 8-4-4 system. 

The conversion of existing classrooms will ensure junior secondary students are domiciled in primary schools.

Sharing of laboratories

Another option the government is assessing is sharing laboratories between junior secondary and existing secondary schools.

While junior secondary students will be domiciled in primary schools, they will attend nearby secondary schools for science practicals.

Construction of new labs

If the two options are deemed not feasible, the government will fast-track the construction of new science laboratories in primary schools.

This will be done within a year to ensure a 100 percent transition in January 2024.

President William Ruto allayed parents’ fears that the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) may be abolished.

“I believe as a country; it was the right decision to transition from 8-4-4 to CBC education system.”

“There are some challenges being faced on the transition but as a government, we will make sure that everything is perfected in the fullness of time,” the President announced on January 4, 2023.

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