Grealish is a ‘moron’, he engages his mouth before his brain

Grealish is a ‘moron’, he engages his mouth before his brain; Simon Jordan blasts Grealish’s comments over comparing Riyad Mahrez to Almiron.

Jack Grealish’s comments about Newcastle star Miguel Almiron have irked Simon Jordan insisting the Manchester City star has entered “moron territory”.

In the aftermath of Man City’s title celebrations, Grealish has appeared in a number of videos that have been shared on social media.

During their stunning 3-2 comeback victory against Aston Villa, he joked that teammate Bernardo Silva had a bad game and deserved to be pulled off.

However, his comments irked Newcastle supporters when he compared Riyad Mahrez to Almiron in the final game of the season, with the Paraguayan only scoring once in this season for the Magpies.

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Grealish is a ‘moron’

Jordan slammed Grealish’s attempts to mock the player, suggesting his behavior went too far.

“The bottom line is it takes Jack Grealish back to where he belongs in moron territory engaging his mouth before he engages his brain,” Jordan said on talkSPORT. 

“There’s no problem with him having banter with his teammates that’s absolutely fine, if someone was to say he was taking the mickey out of Riyad Mahrez you’d say it was banter, they’ve got that rapport.

“If you take it out another domain and you pick another player, single him out, and ridicule him because you think you’re in a position to do so, where’s that going to end? Someone somewhere is going to say by the way, who are you? What gives you the right to make that comparison? Why would you want to do it? Where does your arrogance stop and intelligence begin? I’m sure he meant it tongue-in-cheek but why pick on an individual player?

“Obviously in the back of his mind, he thinks that player probably is not good and that’s his prerogative but why does he need to do that to that particular player when Man City are talking about their success? Why does he think he is on a platform where he can look down on that player?”

Grealish has endured a difficult campaign on a personal level, scoring just three goals and assisting another three since his high-profile switch to Etihad.

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