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Greenwood’s Ex-girlfriend, Harriet Robson s3x tape audio recording

Greenwood’s Ex-girlfriend, Harriet Robson s3x tape audio recording 

Greenwood found himself in the midst of a storm of controversy and accusations after his girlfriend, Harriet Robson, posted photos of major injuries she claimed were caused by the Manchester United player on her Instagram account.

Harriet Robson even released an audio recording as proof that he forced her to have s*x with him. 

On January 20, 2022, he was arrested on r*pe and violence charges.

Since he was arrested in January 2022.Greenwood has not trained or appeared for his club or national team.

Mason Greenwood’s Ex-girlfriend, Harriet Robson s3x tape audio recording

Despite her vehement refusal to comply with his relentless instruction, an audio clip of him pushing Robson to have s*x with her has surfaced. Play the audio below.

When Robson says “I don’t want to have s*x”, Greenwood says he “doesn’t care” and, when told to stop again, he says: “I asked you politely, and you wouldn’t do it, so what else do you want me to do?”.

He can then be heard saying: “Push me again one more time and watch what happens to you.”

Greenwood and Harriet Robson Breakup

After dating for one year, Manchester United star Mason Greenwood and his model girlfriend ended their relationship in the year 2020. MailOnline reported.

At that time, Harriet Robson took to social media to confirm that they had parted company.

A friend told MailOnline: ‘They’d been having a lot of problems and let’s just say, it wasn’t the best of relationships. I think the lockdown put an extra strain on things and Harriet is just relieved to be single again.

“It’s very sad because at one point, they were really in love, but a lot of difficult things happened between them and Harriet feels that this is for the best.”

Responding to questions from some of her Instagram followers about what was ‘going on with Mason,’ Ms Robson, revealed: ‘nothing just agreed to split up right now.’

When asked if she had cheated on United’s striking sensation, she replied emphatically, ‘No.’ She later added,’says up there I cheated on him but I didn’t so was just making it clear.’

During their split, Ms. Robson removed all photos of her and Greenwood together from her Instagram account, and he did the same.

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