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Guardiola issues Man Utd warning to his Man City players over Premier League title race

Guardiola issues Man Utd and Arsenal warning to his Man City players over Premier League title race.

In a caution to his team as they pursue a third straight Premier League championship, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola made references to Arsenal and Manchester United.

After defeating Leeds 3-1 on Wednesday, City’s lead over league-leading Arsenal was restored to five points. 

After United (1999-2001, 2007-09), Guardiola’s club would become the sixth team to win three straight English premier division championships if they will to surpass Arsenal at the end of the season.

And Guardiola has warned his players that they need to be at their best in the second stage of the Premier League, following the World Cup break.

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Speaking prior to the victory over Leeds, Guardiola also used Arsenal and United’s struggle to replicate success after winning their most recent Premier League titles as a warning to City.

He told Amazon Prime Video: “You always have the feeling we have the time, but when you fight teams like [Arsenal and United] we don’t have time, so immediately have to try to make a result, otherwise it will be impossible.

“They [Arsenal] didn’t win [the league] for a long time, and sometimes this margin makes the difference, and we talk a lot about that, we have to try to do.

“It’s not about doubting these players, how should I? I’m here with success thanks to them, I know they are able to do it so we know something is going to change and we will be there.

“When 90s Arsenal and United were there dominating, controlling the Premier League, who expected there would be a decade of them not winning a Premier League? It could happen to us.

“That is a warning I have to say, and if we are not going to do it we don’t have to change managers or players because this club right now, Manchester City, we want to be there as much as possible.”

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