July 17, 2024

Headteacher in custody over an assault on a student for taking extra chapatis

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A school headteacher of Gremon Education Centre in Bamburi, Mombasa county, is in custody following the assault of a student for eating extra chapatis. 

Nyali deputy police boss Ibrahim Dafallah said they arrested the headteacher and are pursuing other suspects who are at large. 

Narrating the incident, Fredrick Ngure, the pupil’s father, said he received a distress call informing him that his son was sick in school and that he must rush him to the hospital. 

He drove quickly to the school only to find his 13-year-old son with injuries all over his body.

The 15-year-old student is nursing serious injuries at the Coast General Referral Hospital Dialysis Centre after the assault by the school’s principal.

The student is accused of eating two chapatis meant for the school principal.

Agnes Ngure, the student’s mother, revealed her son is having dialysis at the hospital after suffering kidney injuries as a result of being assaulted by both the school’s principal Nancy Geshew and fellow pupils.

According to the parent, her son was beaten first by the principal, who then passed him over to fellow pupils with instructions to chastise him.

“Those who witnessed the incident claim that the teacher assaulted my son before handing him over to fellow students who beat him in a manner that has been described as mob justice,” she said.

Ngure further claimed that his son was later put into isolation in the school’s dormitory with no medical attention and that they were only informed of his medical condition after his health began deteriorating.

“He was kept inside the dormitory since January 23 and l was informed of his situation yesterday (January 31) when l was told to go pick up my son, whom they alleged had sustained injuries after using hot water to bath. All this time, they had kept him in his bed while using salt, warm water, and spirit to cure his wounds, ” Ngure said.

The matter has since been reported at Kazadani police station under OB number 25/30/22.

The police commander also stated that they are seeking for a Form Four student who was a member of the group that assaulted the boy but has already fled.

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