June 20, 2024

How DP Ruto conspired to have President Uhuru Kenyatta’s impeachment

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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s impeachment

In a meeting with Kikuyu elders at State House, Nairobi on 26/3/2022, President Kenyatta has revealed how Deputy President William Ruto

orchestrated his removal from office.

President Kenyatta for the first time revealed that his Deputy had planned to have him impeached through sabotaging his administration.

Ruto had an obsessive thirst for power, according to the country’s First in Command, and he went to any length to attain it, including sabotaging him, the President.

Ruto allegedly went behind his back and lobbied legislators to defeat bills that were critical to the country’s progress.

As a result, President Uhuru reached out to Raila Odinga, the head of the ODM, for a handshake in an attempt to seize control of crucial administrative tasks.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s impeachment

It’s no lost how Ruto was focused on running the Jubilee Party and took advantage to bungle 2017 Jubilee Nominations to stuff Parliament with his loyalists so he can get numbers.

Uhuru said Ruto used to encourage NASA supporters to protest against the Gov’t while telling Uhuru to clamp down on them.

Uhuru narrated he reached out to Raila in a bid to stabilize the government and ensure the projects of his administration are completed.

“The president informed us that Ruto was going behind his back, planning how he could close ranks with Raila to impeach him at an appropriate time,” Mathioya MP Peter Kimari told the Standard.

He further urged the leaders to preach peace and the need for respect, especially to women and youths.

“He asked us to face our youth and women and tell them to truth and remind them about our morals on respecting parents. He also asked us whether we have ever heard leaders from Rift Valley insulting Ruto and this was an eye-opener,” an elder who attended the meeting said.

Signing off, the president urged the Agikuyu community to stick together during this election period.

Kenyatta urged the elders and political leaders present to mobilize their supporters to vote for Odinga, but also emerge with a majority of Members of Parliament in the National Assembly and Senate, Governors and MCA’s, to secure the community’s and regional interests in the government that will be established after the August polls.

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