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Husband kills wife, three children, after finding wife in act with another lover

Husband kills wife, three children, after finding his wife in act with another lover; and surrenders to police

A man in Ndalat market, Nandi County of Kenya, has killed his wife and three children, after which he surrendered at the police station.

The incident happened Wednesday night during a domestic feud between the couple.

Philip Lokuruen, 40, confessed to the police that he killed his wife Rispa Chelimo, 35, and his children: Ian Kipkosgei, 11; Brenda Cheruto, 9; and Linus Kipkosgei, 7, respectively.

After the killings, the husband presented himself to the police. He said he had killed his wife of 15 years and three children.

According to police, it was a fit of rage after he caught her in bed with her lover.

Lokoruen, 36, narrated to shocked police officers how he wiped out his family after an act of betrayal that was aggravated by a brawl with a stranger in his bedroom. 

However, it has since emerged that Lokoruen, and his wife were both chang’aa lovers who often drank together.

Locals said he often shared a glass of chang’aa at local drinking dens with his wife, including on the evening before the tragic incident.

The couple had been together for 15 years and regularly went out together, spending time in chang’aa dens.

A police report said; “He claimed that he confronted him (the other man), but he was overpowered and was stabbed on the left side of the stomach. The assailant escaped. He then directed his anger towards his wife and his three children, strangling all of them to death.”

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