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IHRF (International Human Rights Foundation) responds to claims of being biased on Kenya’s election

IHRF (International Human Rights Foundation) responds to claims of being biased on Kenya’s election after congratulating William Ruto.

After William Ruto was declared President-Elect by the IEBC, the International Human Rights Foundation congratulated him while Urging Azimio leader Raila Odinga to concede

The organization stressed the need to trust the constitutional system and the rule of law. 

They also urged Azimio Coalition Presidential candidate Rt. Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga to accept the results and move on.

“The results of the Kenyan Election are clear and verified by the electoral authority (IEBCKenya), which has proclaimed William Ruto president-elect. Let us trust in the constitutional system and the rule of law. Out of democratic responsibility, Mr. Raila Odinga should concede.” The statement posted on their social media reads.

However, the organization’s statement drew criticism with Kenyans questioning how the organization was quick to urge Raila to concede before exhausting all legal means.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir was quick to rectify them saying the process wasn’t exhausted and even accused them of sending a premature and biased tweet.

“HRIF, hope you know Kenya Constitution allows Presidential Elections to be invalidated by the Supreme Court. The process hasn’t been exhausted. Your tweet is premature & biased. You should respect country laws and Constitutions,” Donald responded.

IHRF has however responded to claims of being biased saying they could also have congratulated Raila Odinga if he had won the elections.

“IHRF’s sole interest is in upholding the right to govern of any candidate who obtains 50%+1 of the valid votes, in accordance with Kenyan law. We are not biased: if the Honorable Mr. @RailaOdinga had won, we would defend his right, but H.E. Mr. @WilliamsRuto did.”

“Now it is time to wait and respect the decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kenya, promote unity and concord among all Kenyan citizens, whatever their political party, origin, culture, religion, ideas, and vote. Unity, respect, and peaceful coexistence,” IHRF added.

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