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ISIS-Linked ADF claims responsibility for the suicide bombing in Uganda

The ADF, which is linked to ISIS, is responsible for the suicide bombing in Uganda.

At least three persons were murdered in bombing assaults in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, on Tuesday. The blasts, which were set off by three suicide bombers, forced members of parliament to flee for their lives.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the most recent explosion in Uganda. The new attack stunned the country, which has a reputation for standing up to ISIS extremists in East Africa.

The three Ugandans who carried out the attacks were members of ISIS, according to the group’s Amaq News Agency.

According to Uganda police spokesperson Fred Enanga, at least six people were killed, including the three suicide bombers. Two of those slain were police officers, according to reports.

Aside from those deceased, at least 33 individuals were injured as a result of the explosions. According to Enanga, one of the injured is currently in critical condition. The attacks were carried out by members of the ISIS-aligned Allied Democratic Forces, a domestic terrorist group, according to Enanga.

Ugandan Muslims founded the ADF in the first place. The organization is currently based somewhere in the wooded highlands of neighboring DRC, where it is accused of killing thousands of civilians.

The attacks targeted important government buildings, including the city’s primary police station and parliament. The three explosions happened three minutes apart, according to reports. The first took place near the central police station, while the other two took place close parliament.

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