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Israel security council call on its citizens to immediately leave Egypt, Jordan

Israel national security council raises travel warnings for Egypt and Jordan to high threat amid regional tensions calling on its citizens to leave.

Israel urged its citizens to immediately leave Egypt and Jordan, the national security council said on Saturday as regional tensions flared over Israel’s continued bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip.

“Israel’s National Security Council raises its travel warnings for Egypt (including Sinai) and Jordan to level 4 (high threat): recommendation not to travel to these countries and for those staying there to leave… as soon as possible,” it said in a statement.

The evacuation calls came after days of protests across the Middle East over Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

The war ignited after Hamas militants stormed into Israel from the Gaza Strip, killing 1,400 people.

Israel has since carried out a devastating bombing campaign in the enclave, so far killing 4,385 Palestinians, 70 percent of them women and children.

The notice comes just days after Israel recalled its diplomats from Turkey as a security precaution following an earlier request for its citizens to leave as well.

Israel’s National Security Council late on Tuesday called on all Israelis in Turkey to leave “as soon as possible”.

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On Wednesday, its consulate in Istanbul said it was for their own safety given the growing “terrorist threats” against Israelis abroad. The alert level had been raised to four, the highest level, a consular spokesperson told AFP.

“It’s a temporary measure, which should be for the short term,” said the source, who refused to be quoted by name.

On Tuesday night, following a deadly strike on a hospital in the Gaza Strip which killed hundreds, protesters demonstrated outside the Istanbul consulate and the embassy in Ankara. 

Dozens were hurt in clashes between police and protesters outside the consulate.

While Israel and the Palestinians have accused each other over the disaster, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan joined many Arab countries in blaming Israel, straining diplomatic relations.

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