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Judiciary exposes the man blasting Malindi court as the most useless as an impostor of Uhuru’s PDU Head (VIDEO)

Judiciary exposes the man, Carlos Taka, blasting Malindi court as the most useless in the world as an impostor of Uhuru’s PDU Head

The Judiciary published a list of allegations against Carlos Taka on Wednesday, October 19, after he was captured on camera criticizing a judge during court proceedings in Malindi.

Carlos Taka is charged with five charges of acquiring money under false pretenses and one additional case of impersonating a public official, according to a statement from the Judiciary.

The 68-year-old is said to have identified himself on the charge sheet as a member of the public service.

In addition, he stated that the government of former President Uhuru Kenyatta had given him the responsibility of heading the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU).

“Mr. Carlos Taka was charged before the Malindi Court Criminal on 12th October 2021 with five counts of obtaining money by false pretenses contrary to Section 313 of the Penal Code and one count of impersonating a public officer contrary to Section 105(a) of the Penal Code.

“According to the Charge Sheet, Mr. Taka is facing a charge of impersonating a public officer contrary to Section 105(a) of the Penal Code by falsely presenting himself to be a person employed in the public service as the Head of Presidential Delivery Unit in monitoring the drought situation in Kilifi and obtaining registration fees,” read the statement in part.

Other charges included obtaining money after falsely promising individuals that he would get them jobs at Malindi International Airport, a US NGO as well as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

On another occasion, he was charged with deceiving people into paying him by saying he could get a customer a hearing aid from a hospital he owned.

On Wednesday, a video clip of Taka telling off the judge went viral where he claimed that the Malindi Court was the most useless justice facility in the world.

He asserted that he was held in remand for the duration of the case, which had been going on for a year.

“This is the most useless court in the world, I am telling you today. I have been in remand for one year because of a simple witness. I have never seen this. Justice delayed is justice denied,” he lamented.

In its clarification, the Judiciary defended the judge noting that the case was ‘handled with all fairness possible.’

Despite not having his own house, the court awarded him a bond of Ksh200,000 which was later revised to Ksh150,000 upon his request.

“A total of 4 witnesses have testified so far. Another two are remaining. On Monday, October 17, 2022, Mr. Taka was brought to court. The ODPP asked the court for the last adjournment to allow them to call one complainant and the Investigating Officer. The last adjournment was granted and the hearing date is set for December 14, 2022.

“The impression being created in the public domain is a false narrative perpetuated by Mr. Taka’s statement in court on October 17, 2022, and the above facts would show that his case has been handled with all fairness possible,” concluded the Judiciary.

Video of Carlos Taka, blasting Malindi court as the most useless in the world

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