July 17, 2024

Kenya-based tech startup Wowzi targets African youth with one million jobs

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After successfully providing over 150,000 paid employment in 2021, Wowzi, a Kenyan startup, has announced aspirations to create one million gig jobs for African youth in 2022 through its online marketplace.

To create job opportunities for youth, the company that makes scalable influencer campaigns accessible to brands and companies of any size and industry says it plans to expand partnerships with local, regional, and multinational FMCG companies, Telcos, Banks, Creative Agencies, and Development Institutions.

Wowzi will develop big, dispersed messaging campaigns for clients by enlisting the help of tens of thousands of real, everyday customers and fans who are compensated to provide genuine testimonials for things they already adore on the internet.

Every week, the corporation pays Sh5 million to influencers, totaling Sh260 million every year.

Wowzi Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Brian Mogeni said companies are increasingly aligning their marketing strategies to tap into micro and nano content creators looking to monetize their social media accounts and develop sustainable income streams outside of formal employment during the company’s official launch in the East African market.

According to the Hootsuite Digital 2021 Data Report, East Africa has 20 million social media users.

Kenya leads the pack with 11 million social media users, or 20.2 percent of the population, Tanzania comes in second with 5.4 million users, or 8.9 percent of the population, and Uganda comes in third with 3.4 million users, or 7.3 percent of the population.

Nano influencers are people who have between 250 and 5000 followers on social media. Nano-influencers get roughly three times the engagement of celebrity personas on their posts,” he added.

So far, the company has signed up 60, 000 influencers in the East African region, mostly through word of mouth, and has run 10,000 campaigns for more than 150 clients.

Over the next month, Mogeni wants to expand into three new markets, including Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

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